Journeys on Indian Railways: Bangalore to Bangarapet and back

A warm welcome to everyone on my blog 🙂 🙂

As might be evident from the way I’m writing (and I won’t hide it), this is my very first blog post. I have been an ardent fan of Indian Railways since my childhood. During my early days, I used to enjoy my various train journeys a lot: looking at the fields, rivers, hills as they pass by in the morning and afternoon, getting frightened as well as excited during high speed trains crossings. Arrival and departure from big railway stations, specially during the nights, the sound of train changing tracks, announcements going on at the platform, the guys shouting “Chai-Chai”, the glare of the “green” signal when your train is speeding during the midnight: all these things excite me a lot.

As a result, as I grew up doing various train journeys, I became a train-spotter/railfan: A person having keen interest in trains:Railfan/Trainspotting

Coming straight to the point, this blog is about my short train journey on August 15th 2015  from the metropolitan city of Bangalore to a near by town: Bangarapet. Legend from Ramayana has it that, the places where Sita wandered barefoot turned into gold mines because of the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. Bangara or Bangaram in Kannada and Telugu respectively means gold. Hence the name of the town ‘Bangarapet’. The Kolar gold fields situated very close to Bangarpet testifies this piece of history.

My plan was to catch a suburban train from Whitefield(WFD) railway station of Bangalore to Bangarapet(BWT) railway station and then take a bus to visit the Kolar gold fields. Bangarapet is an important junction on Bangalore-Chennai railway route.

Hence, I started my journey by boarding 66530 Bangalore City – Bangarapet MEMU from Whitefield railway station. Being an August morning, weather was hot and humidity was high.

Anyhow, I started enjoying my train journey as our MEMU(Mainline Electric Multiple Unit: MEMU) started picking up speed on Bangalore-Chennai section, which is double-line electrified. I was standing at the door to enjoy this high-speed run, specially between Byatrayanahalli(BFW) and Tyakal(TCL) railway stations:

Tyakal is nice place for a day trip from bangalore. As our train neared Tyakal, I saw this      beautiful hillock and quickly took a snap of it:


Finally, we arrived at Bangarapet(BWT) railway station, slightly late:

After getting down at Bangarapet, I was feeling quite hungry and the hunger along with hot, humid weather was starting to take their toll on me. I visited a restaurant and ordered some Paneer curry vegetable, rice and chapatis, as I had to take a bus to Kolar Gold Fields.

But to my utter surprise, few minutes after leaving the restaurant and heading to the bus station, I started feeling really uneasy and all of a sudden, dropped the idea of visiting Kolar. Under the hot afternoon sun and with a heavy stomach, feeling uneasy, all I could think of was returning Bangalore as soon as possible.

Disappointed, I reached Bangarapet railway station, hoping to catch a suburban train back to Bangalore. But then, I thought that even though I was unable to visit Kolar, how about doing some railfanning/ train spotting at Bangarapet station itself 🙂 ??

Few minutes later, my wish was fulfilled, as 12253 Yeswantpur-Bhagalpur Anga Express came and slowly skipped Bangarapet railway station:

Around 20 minutes later, I started my return journey to Bangalore by boarding 76508 Bangarapet-Bangalore Cantt DEMU:

Slowly, as the train started speeding up towards Bangalore, I started feeling sleepy: that typical afternoon laziness, enjoying the breeze sitting on the window seat,which felt like a big relief on that hot afternoon(around 3 pm).

Suddenly, as my DEMU started entering Malur(MLO) railway station, half asleep, I was awakened by the fast crossing with 12640 Bangalore-Chennai Brindavan Express:

At the end, I got down from the train at Whitefield(WFD) railway station to catch the bus numbered  335-E to my home: Kundanahalli, feeling bad about my failed Kolar trip, but feeling happy and pleased about this small train journey from Bangarapet to Whitefield.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first post. Suggestions/Comments are most welcome.